Credit Control – Creating an Effective Chase Script

Spendgate AR / Receivables Chase Scripts Setup

Anyone familiar with Spendgate’s credit control features will know that you can now create scripts to help your credit controllers to chase money owed to you. The concept of a Spendgate credit control chase script is simple: provide your users with a standard set of questions they can use when chasing money that prompts them to gather as much useful information about why an invoice is being paid late as possible. Take the following scenario:

1)  Company A calls Company B chasing payment.
2)  First thing discovered in the call is that a cheque has already been sent

A chase script will then promt the user to ask a series of questions that determines the accuracy of this statement i.e. has a cheque actually been sent and secondly, if it has been gathers up sufficient information to help the user locate the cheque and reconcile the payment.

The “cheque already sent” chase script questions and answers might go as follows:

  1. When was the cheque sent?
    1. 7-March 2012
  2. What post class was used?
    1. first
  3. What was the value of the cheque?
    1. £100
  4. What was the cheque number?
    1. 002345

The chase result in this case would be as follows:

Following a conversation with Company B on 15-March 2012, Company B stated that cheque 002345 for £100 had  been sent on 7-March 2012 by first class post.

In Spendgate the answers to these questions will be automatically added to a template that allows the user to log this information and confirm it back to the customer by email with a couple of clicks, thereby saving a good deal of time that can be spent chasing the next invoice or getting on with other tasks.

Chase scripts can be as simple or as complex as required and an unlimited number can be created and used to suit all circumstances in a Spendgate Unlimited plan. As with all Spendgate features they can also be used as an add on for Sage 50, Xero, KashFlow, FreeAgent and ClearBooks.

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