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Spendgate now integrates with KashFlow meaning that Spendgate and KashFlow can become your complete credit control and accounts payable solution.

Many businesses focus on tightly reviewing the amount of money they are owed and owe to their suppliers but sometimes lose sight of the whole business process of paying suppliers and chasing customers. Spendgate helps manage these processes better by allowing businesses to manage their credit control and track and approve their supplier invoices online. Users can work together to resolve issues quickly and can take one more step towards running that elusive paperless office.

Integrating Spendgate with KashFlow is easy and only takes a few minutes. Spendgate synchronises your contacts, accounts and invoices with KashFlow. Customer invoices are kept in sync in real time and approved payables invoices are automatically posted to your KashFlow account when they have been approved. Two way synchronisation means you never need to enter the same information twice.

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What is KashFlow?

KashFlow is an incredibly easy to understand accounting system for UK small businesses.

The big difference between KashFlow and other accounting software is that all of the features in KashFlow are there as a direct result of requests from our customers.

KashFlow started in 2005 with and decided to only add features that are actually requested by small business owners as opposed to things they thought might be a good idea.

So KashFlow now has a product full of lots of useful features but none of the confusing and useless menu options and features you see in other products.

Check out the full list of KashFlow features here.

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Benefits of KashFlow


Easy to Use:

  • Accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Multiple concurrent users
  • Intuitive interface
  • No accounting jargon
  • Free and fast support

Improves Cash Flow:

  • Totally free for two months – no obligation to buy
  • Low monthly payments
  • No annual contract – cancel at any time

Saves Time:

  • Reminders by email when an invoice becomes overdue
  • Peace of mind knowing you will never overlook an invoice
  • Save time and never forget to repeat invoice a customer
  • Quickly and easily generate VAT returns
  • Saves you time and money
  • The freedom to respond quickly to queries regardless of if you are at home or in the office
  • Ability to send invoices by email
  • Stay on top of unpaid invoices
  • Easily store and retrieve information on all of your customers and suppliers
  • Record how and when payments have been made and received
  • Accurate record keeping[/one-half]

Increases Productivity:

  • Create customised, tailored invoice templates
  • Simplified credit control and chasing payments
  • Greater control of the cash flowing into your business
  • Automatic creation of invoices on a monthly or annual basis
  • Statistics on customer values, average time to pay, etc.
  • Identify good and bad customers
  • Easily deal with any accounting queries
  • Statement of account for customers and suppliers.
  • Insightful graphical reports on all aspects of your business
  • Visually see how your business is growing
  • You and your colleagues can all access information at the same time
  • Get invoices to customers quicker and receive payment quicker

Increase Customer Service Levels:

  • Present a professional and organised image to your customers
  • Track where each of your customers come from
  • See how effective your marketing spend has been
  • Three pre-written reminder letters of increasing severity
  • Maintain a list of your suppliers and customers


    • All data stored securely online and backed up every day
    • No longer spend time backing up your data or fretting because you still haven’t done it
    • Levels of security comparable with internet banking
    • Financial information is stored more securely than it is on your own computer

Why we partner with KashFlow.

We believe in integrating our products with systems that are simple to use, effective and popular. KashFlow is just such a product.

Spendgate is aimed squarely at the same sort of small businesses KashFlow is aimed at; businesses that need intuitive, easy to use systems that help them overcome common business problems rather than creating new ones.

Kashflow is a stable, well developed product that allows users to integrate with other products and add-ons like Spendgate simply and easily.

It allows business owners to have real choice in how they extend the capabilities of KashFlow with other software solutions as their businesses change and grow without having to spend a fortune doing so.

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[box style="quote"] We are a small distribution business who have a lot of invoices from suppliers, handling these as paper documents was a real hassle – invoices were lost and suppliers sometimes went unpaid…With Spendgate our Finance department are now on top of payments and more linked up with the operational guys. The automatic transfer of approved invoices to [our accounting system] is really useful and saves a lot of data entry time.
Nick Richardson, United Brand Management Ltd.