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Accounts Payable Tricks: Emailing Your Supplier Invoices

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If you are a user of Spendgate’s accounts payable module you may already know that you can email your supplier invoices directly into the system – no need to download them to your desktop only to upload them again.

How to do it:

Ensure you are emailing from an email address that already has a Spendgate login. For example, if your Spendgate login is joe.bloggs@example.com you can email invoices from this account – once they are received they will appear in Joe Bloggs’ Spendgate workqueue. If you have an email address ap@example.com but invoices@example.com is not an active account then the upload will fail. You can always either create invoices@example.com as an account within Spendgate or you can forward ap@example.com to joe.bloggs@example.com.

Only PDF and TIFF files will be uploaded – other file types such as XLS or DOC files will not be accepted.

The file will enter the workqueue in a status of “New” meaning it is ready to review and code.

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